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Helping Shelter Dogs Live their Best Lives

SearchKibble is run by dog lovers! From the creators of — where we’ve helped raise money for numerous local shelters and large national organizations like ASPCA and Humane Society of the US. To further help the cause, we’ve created a new product that specifically benefits shelter pets: SearchKibble (in partnership with

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Who we are

JJ Ramberg, Founder & Managing Director

“With my cute dog at home who gobbles up every meal, I am heartbroken at the thought of any shelter animal ever going hungry.”

For over a decade , I was the anchor of the NBC News program Your Business, as well as hosted the Podcast Been There Built That and the BBC World News series Follow the Food. I also partnered with my brother on Goodsearch, a mission driven search and coupon engine which has donated more than $13 million to charity.

JJ Ramberg, Founder & Managing Director

“Having six dogs at home, and well aware of the challenges faced by shelters nationwide, SearchKibble has been on my mind for some time. We're thrilled to bring this idea to life!”

After graduating from Stanford, I co-founded JOBTRAK, one of the first and largest online job sites. Twelve years in we merged with and then it was on to the next idea, building Goodsearch with JJ.

Ken Ramberg, Founder
Ken Ramberg, Founder