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How does SearchKibble earn money?

Like any other search engine, SearchKibble earns money from the advertisements on our search results pages. These ads are clearly marked and are served up by our search partner Yahoo. Search Kibble receives a portion of the funds generated by these ads (Yahoo also receives a portion).

How does this money translate into Kibble?

Based on the revenue we receive, we have calculated that on average every search earns two pieces of Kibble, or about a penny.

How does the Kibble get donated?

SearchKibble works with partners like Adopt-A-Pet to distribute the funds to shelters in need and to further the mission of finding forever homes for shelter animals. Each quarter, we pay our partners to provide kibble for shelter pets and to pay for their care in other ways (eg: adoption services, spay and neuter, medical attention, rescue, etc..).

How much Kibble is donated each quarter?

That depends on how many people use SearchKibble! The more people use it, the more kibble we'll be able to pay for!

How do you use SearchKibble?

You use it as you would any other search engine! Simply go to to do a search or, even easier, download the Chrome extension.

Can I keep track of how much kibble I've earned through my searches?

You sure can! On the SearchKibble homepage, you'll see a counter on the top right of the screen. You'll be able to keep track of how your searches are feeding animals in need!